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Why do we make incisions under the breast/under the breast crease?


When planning a breast augmentation there are many important decisions to make such as implant type and size, implant placement above or below the muscle, and incision location.  Invariably during each consultation, the question is asked, “what is the best incision?

We sat down with Dr Alex Phoon and discussed;

“All healthy patients have skin bacteria around the nipple, areolar and armpit to help these areas have a healthy biome – this is normal.  A big problem can occur however when your breast implants come into contact with these healthy bacteria during your breast implant procedure.

The healthy bacteria can cause a big problem in the long term as they contribute to capsular contracture which can be a painful, visibly deforming and debilitation problem for women with breast implants. The medical term for this is called biofilm. In fact, there is approximately a 5-9x increase in risk of capsular contracture when you use incisions around the nipple and in the armpit.

It is for this reason I use the 14 point plan developed by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. A plan which is internationally recognised as the safest way to prevent problems with capsular contracture and also to reduce your risk of ALCL (breast lymphoma). Using safe implants such as Mentor or Motiva combined with these approaches reduces the risk of capsular contracture to less than 1%.”

Dr Phoon works at his clinic, Park Clinic Plastic Surgery, surrounded by a team of highly trained patient coordinators and medical/nursing staff. If you’d like to speak to him or his team about this or anything else please do not hesitate!

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