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Breast Augmentation Before And After

Breast augmentation is normally a decision that takes years in the making. The main reason women decide to have this plastic surgery is to achieve a better balance between their bust and the rest of their figure. The procedure can leave you feeling better about your appearance.


Breast augmentation surgery is so much more than just increasing the breast size. Since everyone is an individual with different breast shapes and goals, the procedure will vary from patient to patient. Some of the things plastic surgeons take into consideration when determining what will work best for you include size, shape, nipple position, chest dimensions and the amount of breast tissue already present.


Listen to these short videos where Plastic Surgeon Dr Phoon explains how to choose the implants:


Technology has come a long way to determine breast implant and size. The latest and most advanced system for planning your breast augmentation is the Vectra XT. This is a high-tech imaging device that instantly images you in 3D. By performing this kind of simulation in your initial consultation we can accurately see what you will look like with different shapes and sizes of implants.  



Please note: Any invasive surgery or cosmetic surgery carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Results can vary on individual patient circumstances and may also be impacted by a variety of factors including your lifestyle, weight, nutritional intake and overall health.

Helping you achieve the look you desire is a good starting point. We would suggest something that fits with your figure and frame but also works with your lifestyle. Some of the common goals women request include the following:  



The key here is to achieve a balance with size and shape with the rest of your physique and shape. The look aims to compliment in a way that doesn’t necessarily scream ‘I’ve had a breast augmentation’.


Athletic Look  

This look is sometimes also called a subtle look and is popular with athletic types and those with an active lifestyle. The goal here is balanced beauty for someone with a lean and strong body type.


Enhanced or Voluptuous Look  

For patients who want to achieve a fuller or more voluptuous look. This look is predominantly for women who are not afraid to have a more visible bust or cleavage.   

Post Pregnancy or Weight Loss  

Your body is how it adapts and to the challenges it faces. When you feel comfortable, if you long for a d breast shape, then sometimes breast surgery or a with a Abdominoplasty might be the answer. This might take the form of a breast augmentation, breast reduction, or even aMastopexy using your existing breast tissue with an implant to achieve the desired shaped breast (called an augmentation mastopexy).



Breast Mastopexy with Implant (Breast Augmentation Mastopexy)  

Not everyone needs a lift but sometimes a breast implant alone is not enough to lift the nipple back to where it should be. ly; this is a more extensive procedure that often involves more incisions, but it is the most powerful procedure to address sagging, droopiness, and asymmetry.







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