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Prices depend on your individual situation and what is required to give you the result that you desire. Every patient is so unique with varying surgical requirements which Dr Phoon will discuss in detail with you during the consultation process.

Factors that can contribute to the cost of your procedure include:

  • – Whether your procedure is deemed cosmetic or medically required
  • – Theatre time
  • – Length of hospital stay
  • – Private health fund status (if the procedure is deemed medically necessary)
  • – Eligibility for item numbers.

An itemised quote will be provided to you following your consultation with Dr Phoon.

Our patient coordinators will prepare your personalised quote for you, which will outline:

  • – Your procedure
  • – Surgeon’s fee
  • – Assistant surgeon’s fee
  • – Implant/prothesis fees (if applicable to your procedure)
  • – Any item numbers that Dr Phoon has confirmed you qualify for

Our patient coordinators will also provide you with an estimate of hospital fees and the anaesthetist’s fees.

Please contact our friendly team who will be able to provide you with further information and fee estimates.

    Pricing FAQ


    1. How much is a consultation with Dr Phoon?

    Our consult fee is $400. Our consults are extremely helpful and thorough and allow you to have all your questions answered surrounding surgery.

    2. Will I receive a Medicare rebate on my consultation fee?

    If the procedure you are wishing to discuss is deemed medically necessary and you have a referral from your GP addressed to Dr Phoon, you may qualify for a Medicare rebate which our team will process on the day for you.

    3. Can you recommend a good private health insurance provider?

    We cannot provide advice on insurance companies; however, our advice is to always do your research to ensure the coverage is right for you and your individual situation.

    4. How can I pay for my surgery?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, direct deposit, bank transfer or cash.

    5. When do I have to pay for my surgery?

    After the initial 7 day cooling off period following your consultation, we require a 30% deposit of the surgical fee to secure your surgery date. The final balance is due to be finalised two weeks prior to your surgery date.

    6. Can I set up a payment plan and pay off my surgery after I have it?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide payment plans and are not permitted to do so. There are external finance companies that provide finance options; however, we cannot provide advice on these and suggest doing your research.
    You do have the option to pay your surgery in instalments prior to your procedure, but the balance must be finalised at least two weeks prior to your procedure date.

    7. Can I access my superannuation to finance my surgery?

    You may be eligible for compassionate release of super to pay for your surgery if your procedure is deemed medically necessary.
    To find out more, please visit the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website.

    8. Can I have my surgery in the public hospital?

    With the exception of breast reconstruction following a mastectomy for breast cancer, our procedures are almost never performed in the public hospital sector unless an extreme case requiring exception to the current guidelines.

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