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Skin tightening
Tummy Tuck

This woman had a tummy tuck, repair of her core muscles and a breast implant with a lift.


What is a mummy makeover?

A ‘mummy makeover’ usually describes a combination of operations designed to help women reclaim their curves after having children. Usually it involves a procedure to the breast (such as a breast augmentation or implant with a lift) at the same time as a procedure to the tummy. Overall, you won’t find me talking about these operations as a makeover. I don’t like using this term because I believe it makes women feel like they are broken after having children- something I disagree with as without all those changes to your body you’d never have been able to make your children. It’s a pretty amazing trade off when you think about it.

This woman had a simple tummy tuck with a breast implant to restore the breast volume she had before her pregnancies. 

Skin Tightening Procedures

Tighten skin, refill your curves and repair your core

With that in mind, these procedures should never be the first option you reach for after childbirth. These combinations of operations are best suited to women who have reached their ideal body weight again and are in good physical health. The operation should be mostly about tailoring loose skin, removing some stubborn fat and finally repairing the weakness centrally in your abdominal muscles.

Do you have core muscle instability or persistent abdominal weakness?

Separation of your abdominal muscles following childbirth is very common. Most women will completely recover with physiotherapy and time bur for others it can be associated with longstanding discomfort and pain. The muscular repair of a tummy tuck is highly effective at restoring your muscular core whilst at the same time as giving you a sleek and rejuvenated mid-section. A recent study has suggested that in addition to improving lower back pain it might also help with urinary incontinence that can be experienced after childbirth.

Tummy Tuck

Would you like to have a beautiful tummy again?

After repairing your core muscles our surgeons will be able to remove most all the excess skin and fat below the belly button, leaving you a beautifully flat abdomen and a scar hidden low in your underwear. The stretch marks will also be removed at the same time. When combined with liposuction this procedure can provide quite dramatic improvements to both your quality of life and your overall confidence again. In our clinic we often like to say that ͛confidence is beautiful͛– you might primarily want a functional recovery or to look amazing in a two piece- in this case you can expect to have both!

Dr Alex Phoon specialises in tummy tuck surgery and we pride ourselves on giving you the very best possible clinical care in the finest hospitals to give you amazing results.

Procedure Example

Information about the Makeover Surgery procedure

Simultaneous Procedures

What other procedures can be performed at the same time?

The most common procedure combined with a tummy tuck would have to be a breast procedure. This might be a breast augmentation, a breast reduction or even a lift with an implant (augmentation mastopexy). Like the tummy, the breast undergoes a remarkable amount of changes following breastfeeding once the breast feeding has stopped. It is best to wait at least six months from the end of breast feeding before considering any kind of breast surgery. Some people like to refer to this combination as a mummy makeover.

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Is it safe to do these procedures together?

Is it safe to do both procedures together?

Performing a breast and an abdominal procedure is one of the commonest combinations in plastic surgery. The combination takes about 3-4 hours depending on the patient and maximum care is taken to avoid complications such as pressure areas and clot formation in the calves (called a deep venous thrombosis).

Dr Phoon has a highly experienced team regularly used to performing these combination procedures

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Downtime After Surgery

Expected downtime for busy people

Usually, you need to be in hospital for about 3-5 days and this is mostly until the drains stop leaking fluid. If you’re comfortable and can manage the drains on your own you can often go home with the drains in and our nurse can coordinate with you when they can come out (at our clinic). I usually tell people that they need to be taking it easy for 2 weeks. Depending upon what your daily activities involve you should be back to most things in 2 weeks but until that time you should try and get as much support as you can muster.

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What about my Stretch Marks?

Will it help to remove my stretch marks

All stretch marks that are at or below the belly button are removed as part of the operation. As most stretch marks tend to be in the lower part of your tummy, a tummy tuck can be highly effective at improving both the contour and shape of your tummy and the texture of the skin. The resultant scar is horizontal and hidden within your underwear.

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Are all Tummy Tucks the same?

Are all Tummy Tucks the same?

Most tummy tucks can be divided into what would be considered a ‘full’ abdominoplasty or a ‘mini’ abdominoplasty. The full abdominoplasty is much more common. The ‘mini’ abdominoplasty tends to be perfect with patients who are often quiet thin and tend to have mostly loose skin and stretch marks. The belly button will often stay in exactly the same point and will not move. If you have a fair bit of excess tummy tissue it is highly likely you’ll need a full tummy tuck. A tummy tuck is not a magic bullet for weight loss- diet and exercise are still key and surgery is primarily performed for repair of muscular structures and removal of loose skin and stubborn residual fatty areas and never for weight loss.

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Do I need health insurance to qualify?

Do I need health insurance to qualify?

In short no but there are many good reasons that you should have health insurance to have this kind of surgery. This kind of major transformational surgery is best performed with full insurance cover and you will need to check with our team and your fund to make sure you are covered. Usually you need to have at least lost 5 BMI points and kept the weight off for at least 6 months to qualify. Call our patient representatives and they can help you through the process and help you with you BMI calculations.

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