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cosmetic, aesthetic and reconstructive treatments for the body


Dr Alex Phoon provides a range of cosmetic, aesthetic and reconstructive treatments for the body. These surgeries range from minor cosmetic corrections through to larger reconstructions.

Whether you are seeking a reduction of body fat, an altered figure, a tightened stomach or the removal of post-baby weight, Dr Phoon offers a cosmetic treatment for the body to help.

Sometimes, no matter how much you exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle, you may still be left with stubborn areas that won’t budge. This may be due to hereditary factors, pregnancy, ageing or simply the natural shape of your body.

Dr Phoon’s experience in providing both cosmetic and reconstructive body treatments is applied to each and every patient he treats. Careful, considered consultations and technology allow Dr Phoon to provide the best treatment for your desires. Dr Phoon will provide his expert opinion and recommendations to any questions you ask.

Dr Phoon offers Abdominoplasty, Arm Lift Surgery and Liposuction.

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