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Breast Reduction Surgery Sydney



Do you have heavy breasts that are giving you back or neck pain? Back and neck pain are two of the more common symptoms patients describe when having overly large breasts, but it is often just the tip of the iceberg. Other issues may include:

  • – Bra straps cutting into your shoulders
  • – Skin irritation under the breast
  • – Difficulty with finding clothing and underwear that fits you properly
  • – Breasts that are out of balance with the rest of your figure

Issues of having big breast

Dr Alex Phoon is a fully qualified cosmetic and plastic surgeon and expert in breast reduction surgery. Believing that confidence is beautiful- he can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. A look that is in harmony with your shape and lifestyle.

If you suffer from some or all these issues, then a breast reduction might be the answer.


This pic has a girl standing is the actual patient of BREAST Reduction SURGERY


Breast reduction is one of the most common types of plastic surgical operations as it is requested by women of all ages. I take great care and effort to understand your goals so that I can tailor the right right operation to you. Although then main component of the operation is based around making the breast smaller it is also a unique opportunity to also do the following:

  • – Improve the symmetry between your breasts.
  • – Lifting the nipple higher to a more youthful position.
  • – Reduce or improve the appearance of the nipples and areolas.
  • – Improve the overall balance between your breasts and underlying body shape.

What would your ideal breast look like?

Procedure Example


The below options are variations on the Breast Reduction procedure.

Something Youthful

Something More Youthful

Young patients request breast reductions frequently. The breasts are often significantly glandular which can make them heavy and uncomfortable. There is usually a strong genetic component here as large breasts can run in the family. Younger patients goals are often different to older patients who have struggled with large breasts their whole lives. The goal here is to help reduce the symptoms associated with larger breasts whilst also making the breasts look in better balance with your figure. This might mean less removal of breast tissue and more rearrangement of the at breast tissue, so the breast sits in a more youthful position.

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Helping Neck & Back Pain

Something to help neck and back pain

I’m often amazed at how long patients will put up with the pain associated with large breasts. There are many causes of back and shoulder pain of which having large and heavy breasts are the usual suspects. A thorough history and examination is essential to track down the source of your symptoms although anecdotally, there is a very high satisfaction rate once the weight has been off-loaded from the breasts. Making your breasts significantly smaller is possible but only within the limits of what is possible with your underlying skeletal frame.

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Better position of the nipple

Something that is still full but has better position of the nipple?

A reduction might be the only way to improve a nipple position which is low on the chest wall. This operation is often called a mastopexy (or breast lift) and in truth, the operations share many common features. There is often minimal breast tissue removal (usually from the lower breast) and mostly glandular manipulation and folding to put the volume (and nipple) where it needs to be.

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Saggy skin & Volume Loss

helping with saggy skin and volume loss

Sometimes a breast reduction alone won’t give you the outcome you want. When there is volume loss, particularly in the upper part of the breast there are two options. The first is using some of your own breast tissue folded up to give you essentially a breast augmentation with your own breast tissue. This technique is often called an auto-augmentation and can work well with the right patient. There are also times when an implant might be helpful to give you an additional boost in the upper part of the breast. When an implant is used it is often called an augmentation mastopexy and it is common in patients who have had massive weight loss.

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Post Pregnancy or Weight Loss

Post Pregnancy or Weight Loss

Your body is amazing how it adapts and changes to the challenges put to it. When the dust settles, if you long for a restored breast shape then sometimes breast surgery might be the answer. This might take the form of a simple breast augmentation or even a breast lift with an implant (called an augmentation mastopexy).

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